Makò Handmade is an emerging brand of lingerie and swimwear. Its name is inspired by a delicate plant of Egyptian cotton, whose flowers have a soft pink tone. The purity and exceptional quality of its fibers contain the central idea of what we aspire to transmit to the world. In Makò Handmade we capture the air and the light to interweave them in our concept of femininity: fine, elegant and beautiful image.
Makò Handmade is a living project that is evolving constantly. Our collections are meticulously distilled: from the birth of the design in the imagination, through the cut, selection of the best fabrics and elaboration of every detail. All the seams radiate our affection. The final result of the whole creative process is to awaken an individual beauty every woman carries in her inner being.



Where to buy Makò

Currently we are busy working at our online shop, providing shipments in Spain and the European Union. Meanwhile you may order your favorite Makò Handmade models filling the form

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